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The Challenge

Innovation & Digital Disruption Of The Coffee Industry

“Our dream is to have this yellow cup of happiness in everybody’s hand”, said David & Seb – the visionaries behind this venture.Flash Coffee is a tech-enabled coffee company backed by Rocket Internet. They aim to become one of Asia's leading coffee chains by blending together technology and an award-winning menu with affordable prices.


Flash Coffee





  • Design Sprints
  • UI / UX
  • Development
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Flash Coffee Store Coffee Runs The City

In just a few months – they already have branches expanding from Singapore to Bangkok. And now, secretly brewing six more yellow shops near you.

The Process

An MVP for the tech-enabled store

Identifying “low-hanging fruit” solutions with the biggest investment returns

Multiple customer touchpoints provides a wide opportunity for improving the ordering experience.

After a series of innovation workshops, the team has decided on perfecting the pickup and delivery process by integrating a mobile app for their consumers.

With the David & Sebs at the helm of it all, the whole team quickly got into the drawing board – drafting, sharing and skeching their ideas.

Writing solutions in a post-it note Using the design sprint to select best solution User testing the app
The Result

A smart mobile app for every store

In 4 short days – we’ve validated numerous design decisions and gained valuable insights

By putting our prototype in front of our users, we were able to quickly understand how a cup of Flash Coffee becomes a part of their daily routine.

From the mobile flow of selecting their favorite yellow cup, to integrating logistics for pick-up and delivery – all is well-defined with the cusomter experience at the forefront.

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Mobile App
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