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Design Sprints

The Agile & Lean Way Of Designing Digital Products

Design Sprints are the fastest way to find out if a product is worth developing, if a feature is worth the effort, or if your value proposition is really valid.

It can be thought of in three major steps:

Drawing of different steps of the sprint process
Step 1 Sprint materials
Agree on a problem worth solving
Step 2 Solutions on a whiteboard with voting marks
Decide on a solution to try
Step 3 Person creating a prototype
Build a prototype to validate if this solution will solve the problem

It's basically a design thinking method of solving complex problems through co-creation, rapid prototyping, and qualitative testing with your targeted users.

The Process

The 4 Day Sprint

A design Sprints is a 4-day hackathon for digital products - taking you from ideation to insights.

Here's a quick summary of the workshops & activities throughout the four days:


  • Expert Interviews + HMW
  • 2-Year Goal + Sprint Questions
  • Map & Target


  • Lightning Demos
  • 4-Part Sketching
Group of stakeholders mapping solutions


  • Concept Voting
  • Solution Presentation
  • Straw Poll Vote


  • User Test Flow
  • Storyboarding
Stakeholders deciding on a solution through votation


Whole day
  • UI/UX Design
  • Protoyping
  • User Recruitment
  • Setup Test Environment
Prototyping using Figma


Whole Day
  • Customer Interviews
  • Braindump
  • Next Steps
User testing using prototypes
Post Sprint

The Three-Week Iteration Sprint

So what happens after the end of the 4-day Sprint?

After gathering insights and understanding where the initial prototype fails, we then spent the next 3 weeks pushing pixels and working relentlessly on your high-fidelity mockups. These screens are then ready for developer hand-off.

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